2024-2025 Middle School Registration Now Open

All registration is online, however, we do require physical, notarized medical forms to be turned in ASAP to allow students to participate.  

For your convenience,  we have a notary at the Church office or at the Youth Center.

Click here to download the forms.

FALL 2023 – SPRING 2024

2024 Kick-Off Wednesday, May 29th
We want to invite all Middle School and High School students to join us on Wednesday’s in the summer. Also, we have a High School only Summer Night planned just about every Sunday during the summer as well. These nights are packed full of games, open gym, pizza, snacks, candy, outdoor activities and we end each night with a scripture reflection and prayer.  There is NO REGISTRATION for the summer, it’s all free!

2024 Sports Camp Permission Form
One per family for all camps, email back to Ms. Christelle: christelle.howard@sainttims.org or drop off to Church Office M-F 8:30-4:30pm. Please write which camp(s) attending in top right corner. Click here for form. Thank you.


Students who want to secure a spot for our 2024 Hidden Lake Summer Camps must have a parent attend our upcoming parent meetings. Registration for these specific camps will open at the parent meeting to secure their spot. Parents who do not attend may not get a spot for next year. It’s imperative that all our parents attend these meetings even if you don’t plan on sending your students to summer camp next year. Parent meeting dates above and listed on our Fall/Spring Calendars.

EDGE Snacks
Looking for 2 families each week to bring snacks for 50 on EDGE nights. One family brings salty snacks and another family brings sweet snacks. Bring the snacks at 6:20pm – teens start arriving at 6:30pm. Any questions call Youth Center 813-542-5968. Click here to sign up.


Guitar Camp – July 8-12 from 3-4:30pm in the Underground – FREE
Click here to sign up.

Service Opportunities

Country Breakfast Volunteers – September 2023 – May 2024
Please check in with the adults in the kitchen of the parish hall for a sign in and out sheet. You will help clean tables, collect trays, server food or sweep.  Please ask the leaders in the kitchen what they need you to do. Click Here To Sign Up.

Adult Mentors Needed

A program like this can only be run by parish support. I have to say that it’s been a joy to watch students grow but it has also been a joy to work with a great group of adults and parents who mentor students. We are always looking for more people who would be dedicated and called to minister to our youth. The commitment is once a week, either Wednesday with our Middle School students or Sunday evening with our High School students. If you feel like God is nudging your heart right now, please email jen.linder@sainttims.org and let her know what grade level you would like to work with.

Every Middle School student at St. Timothy should be registered for our 2023-2024 Youth Ministry and Faith Formation. We all remember that middle school was awkward and difficult. That hasn’t changed. However, societal shifts have made the middle school years more difficult than ever. It’s such an integral part of our students lives in these formative years in helping them develop a strong relationship with Christ and dealing with the many trials they will come face to face with in Middle School. Not only that but our EDGE Middle School program is fun, engaging and a place that students want to be apart of in our amazing Youth Center and gym that we utilize every single Wednesday. We realize sports and other extra curricular activities get in the way occasionally on Wednesdays but registering students gives them access to all our activities throughout the year including trips and retreat. Not only that but parents will also receive amazing online tools, resources and support groups that are sure to help you as a parent. So parents please register today!!!


How is catechesis taught? What textbook do you use?

There are no classrooms & no “textbooks” in the Middle School EDGE model. Instead, students learn about & interact with their faith through mentors and dynamic videos, which take place on Wednesday evenings for Middle School. On these nights, students will be engaged with their peers and mentors in large group settings and small group settings throughout the month. Material comes from Life Teen resources, which use a curriculum that is based on the guidelines set forth by the US Conference of Catholic Bishops with the use of scripture and the catechism. Students become engaged as well through many opportunities to encounter Christ through prayer, adoration, devotions, and spiritual exercises that help them foster a personal relationship with Christ.

What does it cost to register for Middle School EDGE?

Our Middle School EDGE is $65. That includes programming during the fall and spring semesters. Our summer youth ministry program is free for all to attend, however, the summer program is focused mostly on building community and does not meet the required religious education needs. We also encourage our students to evangelize to their friends who may not be catholic to try out our Youth Ministry program for free.

What does Middle School EDGE look like at St. Timothy?

We encourage students to attend our Contemporary Mass at 5:30pm every Sunday. This Mass has modern music and lively homilies that engage our students. EDGE meets on Wednesday evenings from 6:45pm-8:15pm during the fall and spring and 6:30pm-8:30pm during the summer. These nights include fellowship, games, catechesis and mentoring. EDGE also hosts a day retreat, service opportunities, dances, and other fun events throughout the year.

Who plans the Youth Ministry Nights? Who runs them?

Our EDGE and Life Teen Nights are run by an energetic group of adults who we call Mentors. Our Middle School EDGE Mentors are committed every Wednesday evening and our High School Life Teen Mentors are committed every Sunday evening. They are committed to mentor students and plan our EDGE and Life Teen Nights along side our Youth Ministry Director (Justin Lantz) and Youth Ministry Coordinator (Jen Linder), using the Life Teen resources. All of our adults are Safe Environment trained, Background Checked, and trained on how to use our resources to help in Catechesis.
We also have Jr. Mentors who are our High School 11th and 12th grade students who have felt the call to minister especially to our Middle School students and help play a leadership role on High School retreats.

How can parents and other volunteers get involved?

The success of the St. Timothy Youth Ministry program is directly related to the number of hands that pitch in to help. There are many ways you can get involved. Each volunteer plays a valuable part. An invaluable part of our ministry is our food ministry. On Sunday evenings we intentionally feed our High School students before we start that night. This is not done just to get food in their stomachs, but we recognize the need for them to sit around a dinner table together with their mentors is important for ministry to build relationships. Food is prepared by a group of parents or a parish ministry.
Youth Ministry is predominately made up of our mentors. Our mentors develop and plan our Youth Ministry Nights and are part catechist, part cheerleader, and part sympathetic ear for the students.
Life Teen and EDGE also is in need of leaders who can help plan and implement our Youth Ministry Retreats. These are overnight retreats that help lead students to encounter Christ in a special way.
We are always looking for helping hands who are good doing behind the scenes set up, clean up after meals, build environments, send out birthday cards, help in the office and run our café in the Youth Center.
Finally, and most importantly, we need committed volunteers to pray for our students. Of course, anybody can do this from wherever you are however; we would like to coordinate with those who pray for our students so that we can share the student’s specific prayer requests with our prayer warriors. There are so many things that our students need prayer for and the more volunteers we are able to get to pray for our students the more grace will be poured out into this ministry.
For more information about these ministries, please contact Justin Lantz at justin.lantz@sainttims.org or Jennifer Linder at jen.linder@sainttims.org.
We are always looking for willing hearts to join us!

Additional Information

Youth Ministry Office Hours

Justin Lantz, Parish Youth & Young Adult Minister

Jen Linder, Coordinator of Youth Ministry

Sunday 3-9PM
Monday 9AM-1PM
Tuesday-Thursday 9AM-5:30PM
Other times by appointment only


Learn More About Our New “Parent Life Ministry”

We’ll give you the tools you’ll need to carry out a Family Experience each year including:


A Planning Guide to walk you through the resources.

2 Videos explaining the why and how of each Family Experience.

Kick Starters for Biblical family discussion time to lead up to the experience.

Each year we’ll focus on the biggest milestone for the year and give you the tools to make this milestone one to remember.

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