The St. Timothy Men’s Club is a social and service club that is open to all men of the parish. The Men’s Club meets on the first Monday of each month for a business meeting and social get-together. The Club runs two golf tournaments and conducts other fund-raising activities throughout the year. With the funds raised, the Men’s Club makes financial contributions to the Church, the St. Vincent DePaul Society and/or other ministries within the parish. The Men’s Club also performs various service projects on behalf of the parish. For the Men’s Club By-Laws, click here.

Mission Statement:

The Men’s club is an organization that provides an atmosphere for fostering Christian fellowship and a sense of community among the men of the parish aimed at strengthening family life in our parish. We serve as a support group and provide a structure to assist with various parish religious celebrations, social events and provide a service for the maintenance and betterment of church buildings and property.

2022-2023 Men’s Club Board Members

Mike Plum – President

Andy Altieri – Treasurer

Wayne Gaskill – Secretary

Mike Dunne – Communication

Jeff Will – Social

Larry Quigley – Spiritual

Doug Funsch – Past President

Mark Kingery – At Large

Jessie Neyra – At Large

Felipe Guacache – At Large

Terry Bien – Immediate President

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