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Friday, February 10, 2023 – Saturday, February 11, 2023

Tired of feeling frustrated – angry – isolated – insecure? Struggling with addictions, repetitive sin, unforgiveness, and/or feeling like you just don’t belong?

Come learn how to claim the freedom God has for you!

At the UNBOUND Freedom in Christ Conference, you will learn a non-confrontational approach to becoming and staying free from the things that bind you and keep you from having the relationship with God and others that you long for. Unbound is a tool that can be part of every Christian’s armory to help fight the invisible battle for freedom.
At the Unbound Conference, you will learn the importance of this model and how to apply it in your spiritual journey.

The conference involves times of prayer and worship, insightful teaching, and personal ministry from our ministry teams. This conference will equip you to cooperate with God as He sets you free.

There will also be a team training offered by the Lozanos Thursday evening and Friday morning for anyone interested in joining the team.  A reference letter from your parish is required to participate.  Please contact 813 388-8169 or email unbound.prayer.ministry@gmail.com

What if you could reach out and touch God’s love, and NEVER be the same?

Everyone is fighting an invisible battle:

negative thoughts, secret sins, and unhealthy relationships
destructive habits, idols, and false identities
resentments and bitter wounds that never seem to heal

Unbound is a ministry of healing in which a trained prayer team prays with individuals to assist them in overcoming the spiritual obstacles they encounter in their path of Christian discipleship and take hold of greater freedom in Christ. This ministry uses the Five Keys of the Unbound model of deliverance developed by Heart of the Father Ministries (heartofthefather.com). Individuals who come for Unbound prayer share their personal story related to the area where they sense they need freedom and are led by the prayer team through a series of prayers based on the Five Keys of Unbound:

▪First Key: Repentance and Faith ▪ Second Key: Forgiveness ▪ Third Key: Renunciation
▪Fourth Key: Taking Authority ▪ Fifth Key: The Father’s Blessing

Examples of situations where Unbound prayer can be an effective help for individuals include:

  • Marital/family discord
  • Inability to forgive
  • Relationship struggles
  • Habitual sin
  • Persistently negative view of God or self
  • Chronic fear, anxiety or sadness
  • Stalled spiritual life
  • Anywhere in your life where you feel “stuck” and desire greater freedom

Unbound Prayer does not replace the ordinary means of growth in the Christian life such as personal prayer and the sacraments. Nor does it replace the ordinary means of human development such as counseling and other forms of psychological support. It serves as an additional tool that addresses the specifically spiritual influences that are frequently a part of any personal problem.

Want to Schedule an Unbound Prayer Session?

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For questions, please contact Michele Laurain at healingprayerministries@sainttims.org or 813-388-8169

The thing the church needs most today is the ability to heal wounds and to warm the hearts of the faithful… I see the church as a field hospital after battle. – Pope Francis
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