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Children’s Faith Formation – Registration Open 2021-2022

Grades 1 thru 5 – Click Here To Register 
We are looking forward to meeting in-person next school year. Children not attending Catholic School attend Faith Formation classes for about an hour once a week. Classes will be offered on Sunday mornings after the 9am Mass and Monday afternoons at 4:30pm. Children in first grade attend Faith Formation as the first year of the two-year process to prepare to receive First Holy Communion in second grade. Children attending Catholic School sign up to prepare for First Holy Communion (FHC) preparation classes in second grade. Sign up now so you don’t forget over the summer!


Youth Ministry – Registration Open 2021-2022

EDGE – Middle School – Click Here To Register

Every Middle School student at St. Timothy should be registered for our 2021-2022 Youth Ministry and Faith Formation. We all remember that middle school was awkward and difficult. That hasn’t changed. However, societal shifts have made the middle school years more difficult than ever.  It’s such an integral part of our student’s lives, during these formative years, to help them develop a strong relationship with Christ in order to deal with the many trials they will face in Middle School. Our EDGE Middle School program not only accomplishes that; it is fun, engaging and takes place in our amazing Youth Center and gym.  Students want to be a part of EDGE every single Wednesday.  We realize sports and other extracurricular activities get in the way occasionally on Wednesdays, but registering students gives them access to all of our activities throughout the year including trips and retreats. Parents will also receive amazing online tools, resources and support groups that are sure to help. So parents, please register today!!!

LIFE TEEN – High School – Click Here To Register

High School Life Teen Youth Ministry Faith Formation Registration 2021-2022 Every High School student at St. Timothy should be registered for our 2021-2022 Youth Ministry and Faith Formation. We believe that when a teenager encounters Christ through the beauty of the Catholic faith, they will transform their parish, community and culture. Teenagers today are a lot different than teenagers from 20, 10, or even 5 years ago. As teen culture changes and evolves, the way we present the timeless truth of the Catholic faith needs to evolve as well. LIFE TEEN is responsive, innovative, and engaging. We empower a team of Catholic adults to accompany young people as disciples. It’s fun and relevant. Students will be able to access our amazing Youth Center and gym as they build community and friendships with other fellow Catholic students.