A funeral is an essential part of the healing process, helping us to understand and cope with grief. The Catholic liturgy always provides courage and comfort for mourning the death of a loved one.   The book of Genesis tells us that God has created us in His own image and likeness. Death is not an end but a “gateway” to a new life in the presence of the Triune God. Our human bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, destined for future glory at the resurrection of the dead.  Like Christ, we too shall rise and join our heavenly Father, uniting heaven and earth in one great communion of saints.

Our Catholic Funeral Mass is carried out in accordance with the prescribed rites of the Roman Catholic Church.   Why is the presence of the community so important?  It flows from our Catholic understanding of liturgy and sacraments.   The Church endeavors to maintain the true nature of sacramental celebrations.  “Liturgical services are not private functions, but are celebrations belonging to the Church which is the sacrament of unity.  Liturgical services involve the whole Body of the Church.”  (CSL, 26)   Constitution on the Liturgy [CSL], document issued at the Second Vatican Council.

Our funerals adhere to Order of Christian Funerals & Cremation Rite.  The Funeral Mass will take place in the main Sanctuary or Day Chapel.  No funerals on Sunday.   Wakes and Visitations are held in the Narthex…depending on space availability.  A Vigil Service is when Clergy is invited to do a short Scripture based service. Usually 20-25  minutes.  A Wake or Visitation may offer a time for praying the Rosary or simply a time for family and friends to come and bring you comfort. Also, this is a perfect time for Eulogies, telling stories celebrating the gift of the life of the deceased loved one. Visitation/Wake may be arranged for the evening prior to the funeral or one hour before the funeral Mass.  Evening Wake times are from 6pm-8pm the day prior to the funeral.  A Funeral Ministry coordinator will  meet at the church with a family member to prepare the liturgy and find out the family’s needs throughout this most tragic time.

Holy Family Chapel
Main Sanctuary

Funeral Mass Scheduling
Scheduling for a funeral Mass will take place in 3 working days or more with availability. Date will not be booked without prior guarantee of date by funeral home for body or cremains. A Funeral Mass can be scheduled on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 11 am in the main Sanctuary or Day Chapel.

Wake Service
A Wake service may take place (space availability) on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, 6pm-8pm in the church narthex for registered parishioners. A Visitation may take place 1 hour prior to the funeral mass in the narthex. Deceased does not have to be a registered parishioner for a Visitation.

Live Streaming
Live streaming may be available upon request by the family and with the availability of a video tech.

St. Timothy Funeral Ministry Reception Policy
When the deceased person is a registered parish member, he/she is entitled to a reception in the St. Timothy Parish Hall. Receptions are scheduled based on space availability and must follow our Funeral Ministry reception guidelines. Reception is the responsibility of the Funeral Ministry. Receptions are a maximum of 2 hours immediately following funeral mass.

When the deceased is not a registered parishioner, if their immediate family is a St. Timothy registered parishioner, they may be entitled to a reception by the Funeral Ministry. Reception will be scheduled based space availability and must follow our Funeral Ministry reception guidelines. Immediate family: surviving spouse, surviving children of deceased only.

Food will be ordered and prepaid by deceased family/friends. If potluck blessing, food must be hot or cold in disposable containers/dishes. Funeral Ministry does not cook or warm food items. Potluck Etiquette…potluck dishes should be in a disposal pan (i.e. EZ ovenware, EZ foil, etc.) Potluck items should not require cooking, baking, warming. All non-disposal dishes will be returned without being washed.

Funeral Ministry can provide a list of off-campus reception possibilities upon request.

National Cemeteries
All National Cemeteries are pre-consecrated. A Priest/Deacon is not necessary for pre-consecrated grounds/columbarium. Honor Guard celebration will take place at graveside.

All videos for wake/visitation must be on thumb drive.

If you have an ill family member and would like to prepare the funeral liturgy ahead of time, please call the office at 813-968-1077.

Click here to start planning the Mass: Funeral Prep & Music Options

Please pick from the choices offered to you on our Funeral Ministry website.   The scripture readings, the Psalms, and the music selections were compiled to compliment one another and bring the liturgical meaning to the Mass of Resurrection.

When A Death Occurs

Having a Living Will, Advanced Directives, and an identified Health Care Surrogate are important elements to address as one seeks to plan and be prepared for the end of life. Follow this link to the Florida Catholic Conference website. Information is provided that can be helpful for those who are seeking information about Catholic Declaration on Life and Death as well as Advance Directives. (Information is provided in English and in Spanish ).

2023 Candle Lighting Mass of Remembrance – Still Images

2022 Candle Lighting Mass of Remembrance

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