Facilities Policy


Parish Center, Church Building & Youth Center Usage Guidelines

Facility Usage Request Form

To Parish Leaders, Saint Timothy Parish & The Administration of Mother Teresa of Calcutta School

It is very important with the parish community and diocesan school sharing space that scheduling of those facilities be accomplished through the appropriate staff member responsible. All Mother Teresa of Calcutta School activities and events taking place on our campus must be scheduled through the school administration. Request for the use of space in St. Timothy Church and/or the Father Patrick Kennedy Parish Center and the St. John Paul II Youth Center must be scheduled through Carrie Rush, the parish secretary, carrie.rush@sainttims.org. Please do not ask other members of the clergy or staff to schedule events in the various facilities of the parish or day school, as this only creates conflicts and confusion.

Requests for the use of A/V resources as well as opening and closing hours for events in the parish facilities must also be made through our parish manager, Christine Stahl at christine.stahl@sainttims.org.  She also has the responsibility for the schedule and supervision of our facilities staff. Any request for support from our facilities staff, for any event, must be cleared with her prior to events occurring in the parish facilities. Your help and cooperation will facilitate the healthy and ongoing life of our parish and day school communities. Members of our facilities staff should not be contacted off hours unless it is for an emergency. Please help us by not asking us to make exceptions.

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