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Mission Statement:

The mission of St Timothy Bible Study is to enhance our relationship with God by providing a greater understanding of the Holy Scripture in the context of the modern world within the framework of the teachings of Holy Mother Church.

How is the MISSION carried out?

Emphasis is placed on scriptural relevance to daily life and close adherence to the teaching of the Church, using the Catechism of the Catholic Church as a principle reference. This mission is achieved through a combination of individual prayer and guided self-study; weekly, small group, non-confrontational sharing sessions; and well-researched lectures, supplemented by occasional guest speakers. This study is open to all ages, genders, marital status and faiths.

Each week, the Bible readings for the next week are announced and a set of approximately 10 questions is distributed. The questions generally address how the readings pertain to life today. Each answer is different and personal so there is no right or wrong answer; rather we focus on how God’s Word relates to our daily living. We spend a half hour sharing our answers to the questions in small groups of about 8 people led by a facilitator. The sharing sessions are low stress, non-judgmental sessions giving everyone an opportunity to speak without pressure. Following the small group sessions, a 30-minute lecture is presented to provide additional insights from Church teachings and commentaries pertaining to the readings and to answer questions. There is also an opportunity for fellowship and refreshments. If you miss a session, copies of the questions for the next week are available in the Bible Study mailbox in the Parish Center foyer and a tape recording of the lecture is available.

When does the ministry meet?

Bible Study sessions are held weekly on Tuesdays at 10:00 AM (right after the 9 AM Mass) until 11:45 AM and Tuesday evenings at 7:00 PM until 8:30PM. The study runs from September through March with appropriate holiday breaks.

Meeting Location:

Parish Center


Dan Holsen 813-948-0877 or

Bill Lynn 813-960-7630

How can new people become involved?

There is registration for the new year in August each year, but anyone may join at any time throughout the year. New or returning members are all encouraged to register. It helps us organize; name tags, number of tables, etc. Those who have already been involved in Bible Study may be able to become a facilitator or help by being a set-up or clear-up hostess.


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