Encouragement, please

I’ve rarely had any difficulty being motivated to ride my bicycle. Running, weight training, stretching, and especially interval training are different matters entirely. Had it not been for a few seminarians who encouraged me to run with them I’d likely have gotten little exercise during the cold New England winters I encountered while studying for … Continued

Too much explanation?

Heard recently on a Christian radio station: “God is sovereign. He determined the recent election. He willed that Donald Trump be president.” I know people who will readily agree with this statement. They most certainly believe that God is sovereign and they voted for now president-elect Trump. It is easy to believe God is in … Continued

Beyond tired

Both Brian, my friend and climbing partner, and I traveled to Boston last month to attend an event at our seminary and managed to carve out a day for a hike / climb along part of the Presidential Range in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. After parking one car at Pinkham’s notch near the … Continued

My young brother in Christ,

  My young brother in Christ, Thanks for talking with me last week. It is encouraging to hear how God has been working in your life. It is especially encouraging that you want to discern God’s will as you move on. As you said so well, there’s a lot of life ahead of you and … Continued

Do something!

“You won’t get fired if you do something. You will if you don’t do anything. Do something. If it is wrong, you can correct that, but there is no way to correct nothing.” Frank Maltby, division head of the work to construct the Panama Canal, 1905 (The Path Between the Seas by David McCullough, pg. 469). … Continued

Saying yes

Malcolm Gladwell, in his book Blink explains an interesting feature of improvisation comedy. While it looks highly unstructured to the audience, there are in fact rules that govern a performer’s choices and actions. One such rule is to never turn down a legitimate request from another character in the routine. Or, put more simply, always … Continued

A (new) reason to confess

Confession was easier at the seminary. A pre-scheduled monthly meeting with my spiritual director provided a regular opportunity and a certain amount of comfort since he already knew a great deal of my struggles and junk. Beyond that, my seminary friends and I found a Franciscan ministry in downtown Boston for times when “behind the screen” confession … Continued

A call to self-assessment

Mass shootings and gun violence have once again filled the news. Predictably, discussions – borderline arguments, actually – of gun laws and gun rights have followed. I find little that is balanced in these discussions. Some fear erosion of rights and so resist any restrictions while others use phrases like “common sense gun control” to … Continued

Remembering the Sabbath

A critical moment in my spiritual journey began with three sermons by Alistair Begg, a protestant minister in Cleveland, Ohio. How I came to be listening to these is a different story but there is little doubt about their effect on my life. His main point? All 10 Commandments are still in effect. God had … Continued

Seminary? Why?

How is it that a guy, soon able to retire, decides to attend 5-years of seminary and become a priest? The answer is actually rather simple. My path to the priesthood is clearly not common but all I did is what God asks all of us to do – follow his will. In early 2010 … Continued